Heart Valve Disease – A guide for patients

Back Heart Valve Disease – A guide for patients

Why is this book needed?

If you want to be involved in decisions about your medical care you need information.

Most people turn first to the web but unfortunately the information there is often scant and unreliable. This book was written to fill that gap.

The first part discusses general themes like what symptoms to expect or what tests you might need. It explains what happens during observation in the outpatient clinic and gives general guidance on self-care. It describes when surgery might become necessary and what types of surgery are available. It gives practical advice about preparing for surgery and helping to recover afterwards.

The second part describes specific types of valve disease in as much detail as is necessary for you to understand the causes and symptoms of each valve disease, how they may progress, and what treatments are available.

This book will appeal to all patients with newly diagnosed valve disease, those who are being seen in an outpatient clinic, or have been referred for surgery or have already had surgery. It will be useful for friends, partners and relatives who want to advise or help patients. It may also offer a different slant on valve disease to help GPs, nurses, cardiologists, physiologist/scientists, pharmacists or surgeons who look after people with valve disease.

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