PCCS 1st Spring Conference

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On 14th May 2021, we held our half-day virtual meeting “Current Conversations in Cardiovascular Disease”, which covered controversies and debates within CVD management across a variety of focused topics. Each session welcomed a multidisciplinary panel of speakers and featured panel discussions, audience participation, and sharing of best practice.

The first conversation of the day discussed the effect of Covid-19 on cardiovascular disease, what went well, what could we do better and how do we plan for the future?

Next, discussed Heart Failure, with the panel focusing on what is considered evidence-based treatment, what is the link with Type 2 diabetes and who is the expert in managing these patients?

The third conversation of the day looked at the ABC of Cardiovascular Disease and included detection, protection and perfection across the ABC agenda, including the importance of the forthcoming Primary Care Network CVD DES.

Finally, closed the afternoon with a conversation around blood clots, Covid-19 and the vaccine

We now have a confirmed date for our 2nd Spring Conference, please click here for more information.