Council Vacancies

We will shortly be looking to recruit a number of new members to the PCCS Council. We would encourage any current members who have an interest in joining the Council to contact our Secretariat at Please read the testimonials below for a flavour of what to expect from sitting on the PCCS Council.

Council Members Testimonials

Beverley Bostock

I was excited to be invited to join the PCCS Council as it felt that the Society was filling a significant gap – we had the Primary Care Respiratory Society and the Primary Care Diabetes Society, but nothing that focused specifically on cardiovascular disease. So to be asked to be part of the Council was both an honour and an opportunity.

I can’t deny a certain element of ‘imposter syndrome’ – reading through the list of colleagues on the Council is always like looking at a reference list for an assignment! Our monthly council meetings are an occasion for debate and discussion about current CVD affairs and the work the society is doing to drive forward cardiovascular health.

I’ve had opportunities to speak at conferences on behalf of the PCCS and also to join national working groups impacting on cardiovascular policy. Most importantly, it’s fun! The other members of the Council are a delight to work with and I have lots of laughs, as well as learning so much! I would not hesitate to recommend joining the Council and hope to see new members in future meetings.

Dr Paul Ferenc

If you are reading this then you must have an interest in cardiovascular medicine, especially in primary care and are probably already a PCCS member. The good news is that you’re already half way there to making a difference and being able to shape the future of cardiovascular care on a local and national level. Being part of the PCCS Council enables you to have a close working relationship with other likeminded professionals and genuinely have the ability to have a voice at the top table.

Being the most junior of the team I was a little apprehensive, but with the support of the Council you are able to flourish. Being part of the Council has allowed me to present at national level, discuss cases and new guidance with leaders in the field on a range of topics and it’s genuinely fun. We generally meet on a monthly basis, virtually, and have a range of backgrounds and you certainly do not need a huge CV to be involved.

So if you have a passion for promoting cardiovascular health (and want to add an impressive entry on your CV at the same time) then I would not hesitate recommending joining the Council.