PCCS Annual Conference 2019

Registration, exhibition and networking
Chairperson's opening address

Professor Ahmet Fuat 
Dr Matt Kearney

The patient with palpitations

The case study - Dr Kathryn Griffith 
Diagnostic work up - Dr Richard Blakey 
Palpitation guidelines (including Atrial Fibrillation) - Dr Youssef Beaini 
Guidelines into practice - Dr Richard Blakey, Dr Youssef Beaini 

Coffee, exhibition and networking
The breathless patient (in collaboration with British Society for Heart Failure)

The case study - Professor Ahmet Fuat 
Diagnostic work up - Professor Jerry Murphy 
New NICE Heart Failure guidelines - Dr Jim Moore 
Guidelines into practice - Professor Ahmet Fuat, Dr Jim Moore 

The patient with raised blood pressure (in collaboration with The British and Irish Hypertension Society)

The case study - Helen Williams
Diagnostic work up - Dr Terry McCormack 
Guidelines into practice - Helen Williams 

Lunch, exhibition and networking
The CAD patient with residual CV risk (in collaboration with British Cardiac Society)

The case study - Professor Michael Norton 
Diagnostic work up and management - Dr Derek Connolly 
Guidelines into practice - Dr Alex Meyer 

Coffee, exhibition and networking
The Type 2 Diabetic patient with high CVD risk (in collaboration with PCDS)

The case study - Dr Jim Moore 
Diagnostic work up - Dr Kevin Fernando 
Type 2 Diabetes guidelines - Dr Shafie Kamaruddin 
Guidelines into practice - Dr Kevin Fernando, Dr Shafie Kamaruddin 

The patient with raised cholesterol (in collaboration with BHF and AHSN North East)

The case study - Beverley Bostock 
Diagnostic work up including lipid guidelines - Dr Shafie Kamaruddin
Guidelines into practice - Jane Breen, Professor Ahmet Fuat 

Meeting close

Professor Ahmet Fuat