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Intelligent Population Health Reporting & Quality Improvement

Module 4

Module 4: Preparing for end stage renal disease

This programme was solely funded by Bayer PLC. Bayer PLC were not involved in the development of the programme, content, selection of speakers or their arrangements. All content was independently developed by PCCS.

The information provided in this presentation is for educational purposes only. Prescribing or management decisions made by clinicians are exclusively their own responsibility. The speaker/PCCS bear no responsibility regarding management or prescribing decisions made by others, or otherwise.

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  • London Kidney Network: the patient information booklets containing the infographics referenced in this talk will be available via the London Kidney Network website which will go live later in Summer 2023.

Resources to help transplantation


Resources for helping older, frailer patients with late stage kidney disease 



For further PCCS resources and videos, check out our Cardio-renal-metabolic & Chronic Kidney Disease module on the CVD Academy! 



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