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Intelligent Population Health Reporting & Quality Improvement

Heart failure QI Programme

Transform Heart Failure Quality Improvement Programme

This tool kit was developed in partnership with Salvera Services following financial support from AstraZeneca.

"A practical Primary Care guide for quality improvement in Heart Failure service delivery"

Meet the principal authors of the toolkit and hear why the toolkit was developed, how it will help service providers and how it will support change


Please click on the below to access the toolkit resources, that cover the following areas: 

View the programme here

  • Prevention
  • Suspected Heart Failure
  • Optimising Coding Process
  • Care management with a plan
  • Follow up
  • End of life

The information provided in this presentation is for educational purposes only. Prescribing or management decisions made by clinicians are exclusively their own responsibility. The speaker/PCCS bear no responsibility regarding management or prescribing decisions made by others, or otherwise.


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