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Intelligent Population Health Reporting & Quality Improvement

Lipid QI Programme

Lipid Quality Improvement (QI) Programme

This programme has been solely funded by Novartis. Novartis were not involved in the development of the programme, content, selection of speakers or their arrangements. All content has been independently developed by PCCS.

This toolkit comprises a number of educational resources and is designed to support primary healthcare teams to enhance the quality of care delivered to patients with hypercholesterolaemia. It focuses on lipid management in primary and secondary prevention of CVD.

The programme comprises of four modules, that cover: 

These modules were filmed in November 2023, which was prior to the publication of the updated NICE guideline NG238. As a result, throughout the videos reference is made to NICE CG181.

Since the launch of the Lipids Quality Imprevement programme, the PCCS have realeased a new podcast to keep you up-to-date on the newest guidance. View the 'Lipids - Nice, ESC or both?' on the PCCS Media section of the CVD academy now. 

Introduction to the Lipids QI programme: 


The information provided in this presentation is for educational purposes only. Prescribing or management decisions made by clinicians are exclusively their own responsibility. The speaker/PCCS bear no responsibility regarding management or prescribing decisions made by others, or otherwise.


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