About Us

The objectives of the PCCS:

  • Represent primary care cardiovascular health needs at policy level

  • Promote best practice in primary care cardiovascular health through education, training and service development

  • Support the development of primary care health care professionals in cardiovascular medicine

  • Facilitate and lead primary care cardiovascular research

  • Influence commissioners for the next decade (or longer)

Join the PCCS and benefit from the following:

  • Access to high quality education in cardiovascular medicine for healthcare professionals working in primary care

  • Access to Annual General and Regional meetings with a strong educational, clinical and regional content

  • Attendance certificates/CPD credits issued at meetings

  • Access to all areas of the PCCS website, including educational updates

  • The ability to influence how cardiovascular care is delivered at a local and national level. Members of the society are involved in key national organisations and working groups, including NICE

  • Potential involvement in Cardiovascular Advisory Committees

  • Access to primary care and pharmaceutical company cardiovascular research projects