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CVD Prevent Audit

This month we have seen the launch of the first annual report from the CVD Prevent Audit developed to support the delivery CVD Prevention by Primary Care Networks. The audit will provide current data related to CVD metrics and much more beyond. This excellent tool can be accessed via the following links:

Find the First Annual Audit Report at: https://www.nhsbenchmarking.nhs.uk/cvdprevent-outputs

Find the Data and Improvement tool at: https://www.cvdprevent.nhs.uk


NHS Advanced Access Collaborative (AAC) National Guidance for Lipid Management

This month, we have also seen the publication of the long awaited, NHS Advanced Access Collaborative (AAC) Summary of National Guidance for Lipid Management for Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) which includes the recently introduced lipid lowering therapies bempedoic acid and inclisiran. This important summary is endorsed by NICE and will provide important guidance to support the increasing focus around lipid management this coming year.

The summary can be accessed here: https://www.england.nhs.uk/aac/publication/summary-of-national-guidance-for-lipid-management/

Hypertension time for action

There are now major concerns being raised at the highest level over emerging data from different sources suggesting that the extraordinary circumstances over the past year associated with the pandemic has had significant adverse consequences for the care of our people with, or at risk of, cardiovascular disease and in particular hypertension. The need to take action urgently in relation to this has never been to so important and the PCCS has an important role to play in this.

Shahed Ahmad, the National Clinical Director for Cardiovascular Prevention, highlighted this situation in his talk at the PCCS Annual Conference and a recording of his presentation can be viewed here. Almost all of our members are engaged directly or indirectly in the care of this vulnerable patient group, many of whom have hypertension, and we should be considering both individually and collectively how we best support the evolving national campaign to address this, not least prioritising review of all patients on the hypertension register to ensure blood pressure checks are undertaken, followed by intervention to control BP where appropriate.