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PCCS 5th Annual Conference 2022

PCCS 5th Annual Conference 2022

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Thank you to those of you who joined us for our 5th Annual Conference ‘Addressing the CVD Prevention Gap in Primary Care’ on Thursday, 29th and Friday, 30th September 2022.

This PCCS annual conference drew together an expert multidisciplinary faculty. It provided a forum for presentation and discussion of many varied aspects of cardiovascular disease including hypertension, lipid management, atrial fibrillation, cardiac rehabilitation, heart failure, heart valve disease, chronic kidney disease, peripheral arterial disease as well as a session on cardio-respiratory medicine.


This conference was developed by the PCCS. The sponsoring companies have had no input into the conference agenda, speaker selection or presentations, with the exception of the symposium sessions, for which the respective sponsoring companies are fully responsible.

On-demand videos

Please note that speakers are not available to take questions from those watching on-demand.

Keynote Address

Chair: Dr Jim Moore

  • What is population health, why is it important and how do we deliver it in CVD prevention?

          Speaker: Dr Shahed Ahmad

Session 1: Hypertension

Chair: Prof Terry McCormack

  • Why prioritise hypertension diagnosis and management?

            Speaker: Prof Neil Poulter

  • How do we deliver population health in hypertension?

            Speaker: Dr Hannah Morgan and Kyle Ruddy

  • Session Q&A

Session 2: LIPIDS

Chair: Dr Peter Green

  • How are we performing in lipid management in England

            Speaker: Jules Payne

  • How do we deliver population health in hyperlipidaemia?

            Speaker: Mahmoud Khodadi

  • Session Q&A

Session 3: Atrial Fibrillation

Chair: Trudie Lobban

  • Atrial fibrillation detect, protect and perfect across England

            Speaker: Helen Williams

  • Delivering predict, detect, protect and prevent in AF in primary care

            Speaker: Prof Ahmet Fuat

  • Session Q&A


"Excellent info and delivery by both Helen & Prof Fuat"

Session 5: Heart Failure and Heart Valve Disease

Chair: Professor Roy Gardner

  • SGLT2 inhibition in people with heart failure: what does the evidence tell us

            Speaker: Dr Jim Moore

  • Detection of valve disease in primary care

            Speaker: Dr Murad Khan

  • Session Q&A

"Very useful lecture by both, thank you"

Session 6: Cardio-Respiratory Session

Chair: Carol Stonham

  • COPD and CVD - how managing them in tandem can improve outcomes

            Speaker: Dr Katherine Hickman

  • Suspect, Detect, Protect and Perfect: HF in primary care

            Speaker: Prof Ahmet Fuat

  • Session Q&A

"Fantastic session and so relevant to what we do in everyday practice."

Session 7: CKD and PAD

Chair: Dr Kathryn Griffith 

  • CKD and CVD - a deadly combination?

            Speaker: Dr Raj Thakkar 

  • PAD recognition in primary care simplified

            Speaker: Peng Wong

  • Session Q&A

 "Excellent presentations by Raj and Peng, so useful, thank you"

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