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PCCS is proud to be part of global 25in25 initiative

PCCS is proud to be part of global 25in25 initiative

We are honoured to be part of the BSH’s 25in25 initiative to save lives by changing the trajectory of heart failure.

Experts from over 45 top health organisations (including the PCCS) from the UK, Europe, US and Canada united at the 25in25 Summit in London, on 9th March, to agree the priorities for reducing deaths due to heart failure by 25% in the next 25 years. It is becoming increasingly clear that there is significant scope for overlap in the management of patients with conditions that put them at risk of dying from heart failure and that these overlaps provide an opportunity for collaboration, innovation, and a holistic approach to care.

Convened by the British Society for Heart Failure, the 25in25 Summit drew together those with a key role in diverting the course of the growing global heart failure epidemic.

Moving forward the next step will be the implementation. The aim of reducing heart failure deaths is to be achieved through a continuous ‘Quality Improvement’ model. Having identified the priorities at the Summit, the 25in25 collaborative will be consulted to inform and agree a roadmap over the coming months which will be taken to ‘communities’ (localities in priority order based on pre-determined need). Each of these communities will sign up to 25in25 and use the roadmap to draft a bespoke plan, tailored to local needs and demographics. This Fast Track Communities Initiative (FTCI) will centre on four key targets:

1. Risk

2. Diagnosis

3. Treatment

4. Quality of Life

This clear action plan will culminate in the reducing the unnecessary suffering and deaths due to heart failure and improve population health whilst reducing the burden on health services and professionals. Identifying those with risk factors for, detecting heart failure earlier including detecting the undetected – those, as yet undiagnosed patients with heart failure and intervene early, when you know we can make the biggest difference to people’s lives and outcomes will lead to sustainable wins across other diseases. By working together with allied organisations and looking through the lens of our population’s health, the 25in25 collaborative can accelerate action towards reducing deaths due to heart failure in the next 25 years

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